JD Anders Erotica

I am an erotica and romance writer.

Running with the Pack: Paranormal Werewolf Erotica (The Hunters Book 1)




Claire is a regular girl coming home from work at the hospital. She is just getting over a breakup with her boyfriend Eric and is ready to get on with her life. On the road that leads to her cozy cottage home she is confronted by a strange man who lies injured in the road. Not only is he injured, but he isn't clothed and he's on the run.
Claire desperately wants to take him to the hospital but he refuses so she is left with letting him bleed or taking him home so she can treat him. When she gets him home, Ethan turns out to be the strangest man she has ever encountered in her life as well as the sexiest.
Will Claire discover all the secrets Ethan hides from her? Will Claire fall for this incredible man and surrender to her desires?

Seduced by the Billionaire: (Billionaire Romance) (Billionaire's Toy Book 1)

Seduced by the Billionaire: (Billionaire Romance) (Billionaire's Toy Book 1)


A handsome billionaire comes into the yacht club that Ariana works at and invites her aboard his million dollar yacht. She has to make a decision to go and enjoy a life changing experience or pass up the opportunity and continue her mundane life. Deciding to go along, she discovers that she is the only other guest aboard the ship and they are going to Mexico. At first Ariana is scared and nervous, but after experiencing Derek's Southern charm and manners she relaxes and enjoys herself. All is well, until a mysterious woman shows up in her life claiming that she used to be Derek's last toy. Will Ariana stay or leave Derek's side?


Tempted by a Latin Lover


Mia is taking a much needed break from her mundane life as a Washington political journalist. She has not had a romantic love interest since being jilted at the altar three years before, something she never got over. Her vacation to Cancun, Mexico is suppose to be one of idle relaxation. That is until she gets a mysterious note on the door to her villa inviting her to the room of a gorgeous Latin man. Will this mysterious man change Mia's life forever?

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